Judy Blue Sizing

Are you trying to figure out what size you need to order for Judy Blue? Well, you have come to the right place because not one size chart on Google images will give you the correct answer. Judy Blue jeans are notorious for running big. Notice I said "jeans" because our shorts fit pretty true to size, sometimes one size up even. So let me give you a break down of the most common sizing...
Other brands size 6 = Judy Blue size 3(26)
Other brands size 8 = Judy Blue size 5(27)
Other brands size 10 = Judy Blue size 7(28)
(Judy Blue size 7(28) is my personal sizing and I have a 32" waist with 42" hips)
Other brands size 12 = Judy Blue size 9(29)
Other brands size 14 = Judy Blue size 11(30) or 13(31)
Other brands size 16 = Judy Blue size 15(32) or 14W
Other brands size 18 = Judy Blue size 16W
Other brands size 20 = Judy Blue size 18W
Other brands size 22 = Judy Blue size 20W
Other brands size 24 = Judy Blue size 22W
Other brands size 26 = Judy Blue size 24W
You get the gist...
But I have a curve ball for you ladies in the 14-16 size range. Judy Blue regular sizing is 13(31) and 15(32). Judy Blue plus sizing is 14W and 16W. I always tell customers in this size range that it depends on your body shape. If you lay these sizes flat on top of each other, what you will find is that 13(31) and 14W are similar in waist as is 15(32) and 16W. The difference is in the butt and thighs. The plus sizing is larger in those areas. So if you are a top heavy size 18 in other brands with a smaller butt and thigh area, consider trying a 15(32). Did I confuse you?
Are you still scared to order the wrong size? It is common to not get it right on your first try because sizing down that much can be scary. I get it. That's why I accept returns and exchanges. If your jeans don't fit snug at first then they are too big. If you don't believe me then try wearing them for an hour and see how much they stretch.
Oh and don't forget to checkout each styles approximate inseam in the product description. I am 5'6 and 32" is my max length to the floor unless I have heels on. If you want to find out what inseam works best for you, start at the top of your thigh with a  tape measure and send it to ground. Keep in mind you generally want a shorter inseam for styles that fit above your shoe like boyfriend, skinny, capri, etc.
If you have more question you can always email me at amber@sunshineandwineboutique.com