Brand Loyalty

Brand Loyalty

What is brand loyalty?

"Brand loyalty" is a mentality. We attach positivity to spending our money with certain brands and businesses. Some customers are fearful of change and therefor will not shy out of their comfort zone to purchase similar products. 

I personally experienced brand loyalty recently when I went to my yearly eye appointment. My last pair were RayBan and lasted for a few years before showing signs of wear. Because of my positive experience with this brand, I went right to their section when picking out new sunglasses. I didn't look at any other brands, nor did I check the price because I knew that the quality was worth the price. 

I see brand loyalty in my store every week. I put focus into carrying mainly Judy Blue denim because our customers are loyal to this brand even though they have consistently raised prices due to inflation. I see a lot of people not purchase Gypsy Jazz because they are loyal to Hey Dudes even though we sell a ton of Gypsy Jazz due to their cheaper cost and arguably just as comfortable fit.

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